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3 things to consider about custody during a separation

When you're going through a separation, you need to determine who will take care of your child and when. Child custody arrangements are one of the first things you should address when a separation or divorce is in the cards.

For a child, stability is the key to happiness. A routine gives children what they need to feel in control, even though they aren't. They know what to expect every day, which keeps them secure. A separation or divorce immediately disrupts that stability.

Are you in the throes of a 'Facebook divorce'?

There are countless ways that information can surface via social media and compromise a marriage. In fact, an increasing number of marriages have come to an end as a direct result of Facebook.

Divorces that come about as a result of social media are now being referred to as ""Facebook divorces."" Furthermore, lawyers are learning how to use evidence gathered from Facebook to prove and/or defend their clients.

Domestic violence charges blend criminal and civil court cases

Normally, Utah civil and criminal law remain two different divisions. But there is a certain sector of Utah law where — unfortunately — family and criminal law sometimes intersect. That point of confluence occurs when domestic violence allegations are made by either spouse in a divorce or custody action.

When divorce gets ugly

6 critical tips for telling your kids about your divorce

It's the conversation you dread: Telling your kids that you and your spouse are splitting up.

You, personally, are fine with the split. So is your spouse. You're even on good terms. You don't see this as an insult or a failure. You simply know that getting divorced is what you both want. You're ready to move forward.

Utah marital property – the basics

Getting divorced is often a complicated process that involves heightened emotions. Unfortunately, this causes many people to make rash decisions when it comes time to negotiate a settlement.

Imagine ending a marriage that lasted for more than ten years. You and your husband have finally decided that it is time to call it quits. No matter how fast you want to get through the process and get on with the rest of your life, it is important to take the time to make decisions that will benefit you in the future. Specifically, you need to focus on what you want when it comes to dividing the marital property.

Answer these 3 questions before getting a divorce

You don't know if you want a divorce, but you do know that your marriage is not working as it is now. Over the years, you've become more and more unhappy, and you think a divorce might be the only solution.

Before you decide to get a divorce, there are a few different things you should think about. Here are three questions to ask yourself and to have answers for when you speak with your attorney.

Pet custody battles: Who gets to keep Fido?

Some divorcing couples in Utah have dogs instead of kids – or they might have a cat, an iguana, a bird or a salamander. Regardless the kind of pet, if you’re attached to your animal friend, letting go of him or her could be one of the most difficult aspects of your divorce proceedings.

As such, you’re probably wondering where you stand. Will you be able to keep your pet?

Include summer custody schedules in your child custody agreement

The summer months are almost here. This means that parents who aren't in a relationship with each other will have to figure out how child custody matters will be handled this summer. This is actually an important matter for anyone who is in the midst of a child custody battle to consider.

While there are some schools in this area that have year-round school, this isn't the case for all school. No matter what schedule your child's school follows, you have to think about what is going to happen when your child is on a break or when you are planning a vacation.

Unmarried fathers still have parental rights

As an unwed father, other parties may have made you feel as if you have no rights to your child. The mother of the child may not want you to have contact with the child for whatever reason, but you need to understand that you do have parental rights. Though enforcing these rights may seem difficult, you have legal options for ensuring that your rights don't get trampled unjustly.

Because having a relationship with your child may be your most desired outcome, you may feel willing to face the potential complications that could come along with custody issues. Luckily, you can gain information and assistance that may make the process seem less daunting.

What to do with a house when you divorce

For many couples facing divorce, one of the most difficult issues to settle is who gets to keep the house - or whether to keep the house at all. In Utah, couples divide marital property under the equitable standard, which means that a court must consider a divorce settlement "fair" even if it is not equal.

While this standard does give couples some more room to negotiate (as opposed to the several states who use a stricter method of property division), it does not necessarily make things simpler.

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