Dividing Property In A Utah Divorce

You marriage is ending and it's time to go your separate ways. But who gets which property?

There are many property division issues that may be involved in your particular case. Some of them may be tricky to resolve, such as the valuation of business interests or retirement accounts. Keep in mind, too, that it isn't only property that has to be divided; it is also marital debt.

At Corbett Gwilliam, PLLC, in South Jordan, we can help you resolve your property and debt division issues in ways that protect your interests. Give us a call today to arrange a no-cost consultation about your specific situation. We serve clients throughout the Salt Lake City area.

What Is A Fair Distribution?

Utah law requires divorcing couples to divide marital property and debts in an "equitable" way. This means the division is supposed to be fair, though not necessarily 50-50.

Many factors can come into play in a divorce, such as length of the marriage and whether or not you and our ex had a marital agreement that governs who gets which property.

Our attorneys have ample experience in resolving property and debt division issues. We can guide you toward a fair outcome that protects your rights and takes account of your goals.

For example, you or your spouse may want to keep the house you formerly shared. Our lawyers can work with you to seek ways to divide your other property so that one of you can retain the house.

Focused On Your Interests

Our lawyers know how to focus on your interests and help you seek an outcome that is best for your family's transition. We encourage you to call our office or complete the online form.