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Grandparents were dealt a legal blow in 2013, as a court decision limited the circumstances under which grandparent custody or visitation could be granted when the grandchildren's parent is refusing to allow grandparents access to their grandchildren.

It is no longer enough to argue the statutory requirements that demonstrate that a grandchild may benefit from grandparent involvement and that a grandparent would be a fit and proper guardian of a child, or that allowing the grandparent visitation will be in the best interests of the child. To compel a court, a grandparent must essentially demonstrate that the grandchild will suffer harm if grandparent custody or visitation is not granted. This is a very difficult burden to meet.

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If you are a grandparent seeking custody or visitation, it is important to understand your rights in light of recent developments in Utah custody laws. Even if it seems there are few options, an experienced family law attorney can help you understand the steps you can take to maximize your role in your grandchild's life. We can provide you with the guidance and advocacy you need.

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