Relocation With A Utah Child Custody Order

After a Utah divorce court or parentage court finalizes a child custody case, life goes on, and one of the parents may need to move. Utah child custody law provides specific procedures of what must happen before the parent moves more than 150 miles away from the other parent. The law requires the moving parent to provide the other parent with 60-days written notice of the move. The other parent then has the option to seek to modify the divorce court or parentage court's child custody order by filing a motion or petition with the court that finalized child custody. If a motion or petition is filed, the court will need to determine whether it is in the involved children's best interests to relocate with the moving parent or to stay with the parent who is not moving. The court will also decide how much parent time the noncustodial parent should have with the children and who will pay for the necessary travel. The court will usually follow a Utah statute that outlines how much parent time the noncustodial parent should have after relocation.

Sound Representation When A Child Custody Order Must Be Modified Because of Relocation

Our lawyers have experience modifying child custody orders when one parent moves more than 150 miles from the other. They understand the procedures and the process necessary to ensure that their client's rights are protected and that a child custody modification order after relocation is in the involved children's best interests.

If you need to move, or the other parent of your children is moving, you can rely on our child custody attorneys.

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