Skilled Defense Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence is a broad term. It can refer to several different types of behavior involving current or former spouses, as well as current or former partners in a cohabitating relationship.

The behavior can include abuse, threats or forced sexual contact. At Corbett Gwilliam, PLLC, we provide focused and effective defense against charges that allege such actions.

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What Are You Accused Of Doing?

The law prohibits many different behaviors between intimate partners. Intimate partners include many others besides spouses. The others include former spouses, current or former cohabitants and people who have a child together.

Physical abuse is the most obvious type of intimate partner violence. Others include threats of violence, forcible sex acts and severe emotional abuse.

In some cases, a former partner who is concerned about domestic violence or domestic abuse may seek a protective order. This is an order limiting or prohibiting contact and communication.

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Our attorneys can help you make a strong defense against any domestic violence charge. We know how to stand up to prosecutors and guide you toward a resolution that protects your rights.

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